ABS and ABS Wind held their 2021 Biannual Meeting

ABS and ABS Wind held their Biannual Meeting last week. Two days of shared work that have allowed us to assess the progress of our activity and business, as well as the degree to which our business plans and objectives have been met.

On the other hand, these meetings allow us to create a common space where our professionals can share their experiences, knowledge, local industry peculiarities, and the challenges they face in their respective territories; enriching each participant and helping generate a corporate culture in the ABS Group, which is increasingly recognized and admired by our clients. We must continue to provide the best service possible.

These are not easy times, and overcoming the effects of the pandemic has demanded a considerable effort. Much work remains until 2022, but now is the moment to congratulate ourselves on our accomplishments and thank everyone for their commitment and involvement.

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