ABS Wind Costa Rica, service to the entire heavy industry and especially the wind energy sector

Costa Rica was the first country in Latin America to make a firm commitment to renewable energies.

ABS Wind is proud to be part of developing a local and pioneering offer for the industry, establishing in Cartago, Costa Rica, our first repair workshop for large components such as gearboxes, speed reducers, and main shafts.

In addition, being part of a global company gives us access to all the experience and knowledge of our network of workshops and specialized engineers spread over four continents and to a worldwide supply management system that always guarantees a covered demand.

All this scope enables a constant exchange of engineering solutions, the ability to offer a wide range of services and supplies with the highest quality standards, and the adoption of protocols and recommendations aimed at minimizing environmental impact, such as the possibility of refurbishing, repowering, and reusing both small and large components.

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