Bearing News interviews Alejandro Pardiñas, CEO of ABS Atlantic Bearing

It’s a pleasure to share with all of you the exceptional interview “The Story of ABS, Atlantic Bearing Services: A Vision That Turned into Reality” conducted by Bearing News to our CEO, Alejandro Pardiñas.

Through its reading, we can see reflected the spirit of effort and overcoming that characterizes the entire ABS Atlantic Bearing team, as well as the excellent commercial vision that its founding partners had to make it a global reference company in power transmission products and solutions for the heavy industry.

During the interview, reference is also made to our specialized manufacturing brands, ACB, AEC and MGS Gears, and our ability to successfully diversify our operations by establishing a new business line in the wind industry, under the globally recognized brand ABS Wind, is highlighted.

This interview provides an accurate and effective account of ABS’s history, allowing any customer, supplier or collaborator to understand where we come from, everything we can offer them today, and the scope of a future project that continues to grow and diversify to transcend its founders.

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