Bridgestone relies on ABS to supply high-precision ACB mechanical components for their rubber factory in Costa Rica

The rubber industry is a sector that requires high-precision and reliable machinery to produce high-quality products and meet market demands. Through our brand ACB, we have been designing and manufacturing trusted components for years that are used in various production processes, both for this industry and for other industrial applications.

To ensure the quality and reliability of its mechanical components, ACB has an assembly and quality control center in Miami, where rigorous inspection and testing processes are carried out to ensure that each piece meets the highest quality standards before being delivered to its customers.

Today we are sharing images of some of the parts that have recently passed through this center: Special 9 inches ACME Screw Jack for vulcanizing presses, and high-precision couplings for a rubber mill, both for Bridgestone in Costa Rica, a world leader in tire technology and innovation, as well as other rubber products.

These parts are essential components in ensuring the production of high-quality rubber products with the desired properties.

The Special 9 inches ACME Screw Jack are used to secure the pieces of the mechanical vulcanizing presses. These presses are similar to an autoclave, as they apply heat and pressure to the rubber to give it the required final shape.

On the other hand, the coupling refers to a connecting piece that is used in a rubber mill. The rubber mill has two rollers that rotate in opposite directions and is used to process the rubber, giving it the necessary thickness for its subsequent use in the manufacture of various products. The rubber is fed between the two rollers and is compressed to reduce its thickness while mixing with other chemical compounds to enhance its properties.

From ABS Atlantic Bearing, we want to express our gratitude to Bridgestone for the continued trust they place in us, and to our team of engineers and technical operators, whose dedication and commitment are essential in ensuring high-quality and reliable products for all our customers.

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