Grid Coupling


AEC GRID COUPLING is a kind of coupling that connects drive shafts and driven shafts, and it is a useful product that can control the torque capacity despite its compact size. Our Grid Coupling is mainly used for machines that must prevent the transmission of vibration and shock loading.

It helps to transmit power typically when there is a shaft floating due to parallel misalignment and angular misalignment. In particular, when overloaded or occurred severe error between drive centers during the operation, it prevents shafts or other related machinery from trouble by acting as a safety device due to damage of Grid, Cover or the teeth surface of Grid. It is also used in cases where normal and reverse rotations are required to prevent damage to the associated machine in an environment where overload occurs periodically and when the start-up is required by relieving the shock load.

In addition, our Grid Coupling has a lower frequency of repairs and inspections than other companies’ couplings. It solves the problem of parallel misalignment so that it can be simply and quickly installed, assembled, and maintained.

The absorption of mechanical vibration of Taper Grid coupling

Condition of Grid under light load

The vibrations and shocks are absorbed due to the curved surface of the teeth surface and the elasticity of the Grid when the Grid is operated with a straight line by receiving force from the outer surface of the teeth of the Hub.

Condition of Grid under normal load

When the load occurs, the part where the power is concentrated moves to the center of the teeth of the Hub and absorbs the shock load with the elasticity from the bending Grid.

Condition of Grid under shock load at start

Due to transient overload, the part where the power is concentrated moves to the innermost section of the teeth of the Hub, and it smoothly absorbs severe shock within the range of torsional elasticity of Grid.

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