The Santa Ana Sugar mill install an MGS PSB1-560 1021 gearbox






The Santa Ana Sugar mill installed an MGS PSB1-560 1021 GEARBOX on October 2017, designed to transmit 5,000 kW with an AGMA service factor of 3 and a transmission ratio of 1.25. The reducer is part of the drive system of a Dedini Hammer Defibrillator type Maxcell, which can defibrillate up to 20 000 tons of cane per day. It is powered by a three-phase ring induction motor with a power rating of 4,996 kW and a synchronous rotation frequency of 900 rpm. It is a parallel gearbox with a bihelicoidal gear stage made with cutting-edge technology, cemented steel, and rectified teeth within ISO tolerances 3 and 4.

ABS & MGS supply for the Sugar Industry in Guatemala

ABS & MGSs had the opportunity to collaborate in the updatingrepoweringspeed changes, and provision of new equipment for the preparation of cane roots in more than 20 mills in the region over the last ten years. More than 30 projects have been completed, including generation equipment in motors, couplings, high reliability reducers, and specialized bearings for high fluctuating loads applications.

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