ABS, Atlantic Bearing Group closes the best year in the company’s history

ABS Newsletter PDF version “ABS Group closes the best year in the company’s history”

Last week, ABS and ABS Wind held our Annual Meeting jointly at our Miami offices. Three days of shared face-to-face work, which allowed us to evaluate the progress of our activity and business, as well as the degree of fulfillment of our business plans and objectives.

The entire Group can consider itself satisfied with the results obtained last year, in which both the industrial area and the wind power division exceeded their targets. Moreover, 2022 was the best year in the company’s history, and the outlook for next year is also one of growth. Now is the time to congratulate ourselves on this.

In recent years, ABS has been making a great effort to update and adapt to new markets and the new social and economic environment. Although it is fair to recognize it, we must not be satisfied; we need to look ahead and aspire for even higher levels of success.

Among our priorities, we consider it necessary to invest more in resources to attract and retain talent, improve management, and ensure an adequate generational succession of the company.

Our commitment to our customers is a priority. We must continue to provide the best service, and we are already immersed in a plan to review and optimize processes and procedures that will be favorable to our relationships and the optimization of their production systems.

Management’s effort and vision to bring together representatives from all the group’s companies, brands, and departments on a global scale is decisive. Connecting the entire team allows us to get closer to the reality of all our customers through the exchange of experiences, solutions, and local and sectorial particularities; enriching each participant and contributing to the generation of a global brand that is increasingly recognized and valued.

We would like to congratulate everyone for the effort and commitment shown during the meeting, especially the Departments directly involved in its organization.


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