Planetary gearboxes MGS Gears

September 11, 2018

Assembly line in Mexico of planetary gearboxes in our own MGS Gears brand. Local stock in Mexico of
planetary gearboxes for immediate delivery with torques up to 80,000 Nm and ratios up to 5000: 1.

MGS Gears SrL is an AGMA proud member

August 01, 2018

MGS Gears SrL becomes one of the 13 European members of the AGMA in Europe and its third member in Italy.

Cooling table Speed Reducers

Customer: Mexico

Qty:    2 units


Model:      OSF1-300-1093

Power:      30 Hp

Speed Input : 880 rpm

Speed Out:    19.5 rpm

FS AGMA:   2

Speed Reducer Separator

Customer: Italia

Qty:    1 units


Model:      OSV3-755-1127

Power:   125 Hp

Speed Input: 1363 rpm

Speed Out:    87 rpm

FS AGMA:   2

Speed Reducer PSB2-117

Customer: Costa Rica

Qty:    1 units


Model:      PSB2-117-1133

Power:   900 Hp

Speed Input: 3600 rpm

Speed Out:    86 rpm

FS AGMA:   2

Speed Reducer for Cement Mill 2250 kW

Customer: Dominicana

Qty:    1 units


Model:      PS2-960-1096

Power:   3015Hp

Speed Input: 1190 rpm

Speed Out:   264 rpm

FS AGMA:   2.5

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