Vestas, ZF Wind Power, and ABS Wind announce a partnership that consolidates service offerings for the Brazilian wind industry

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Vestas, a global leader in wind turbine manufacturing, and ZF Wind Power, the world’s largest manufacturer of wind gearboxes, have entered into a partnership with ABS Wind for the maintenance of components produced by ZF Wind Power in Brazilian territory. This collaborative effort will ensure greater efficiency and agility in addressing demands generated by Vestas’ regional clients, while also leveraging the expertise and certified personnel at ABS Wind’s facility in Macaíba, Rio Grande do Norte.

“This agreement with ZF Wind Power and ABS Wind reflects the full support and commitment of the Vestas team to promptly meet the needs of our customers, especially those located in the Northeast region of the country,” explains Rodrigo Ugarte, Vice President of Supply Chain at Vestas Latam. “The synergy created among these companies will further enhance our competitive advantage by adding greater value to our regional-scale service solutions,” he concludes.

According to David Zanella, Business Director of ABS Wind Brasil, “This agreement represents recognition of the effort and investment in  technology, infrastructure, and talent made by our company in recent years, with the goal of establishing a reliable local repair option for major manufacturers. Furthermore, we are proud to be part of a sustainable collaboration model that contributes to the development and strengthening of the local industry.”

The development of a site with ABS Wind in Macaíba reinforces the commitment established by Vestas to the state of Rio Grande do Norte and the Northeast region. This collaborative effort with the state government positions the state as a hub for service and support for wind farms in the region. This initiative creates more and better infrastructure for customer support and ensures the availability of qualified job opportunities for professionals in the renewable energy sector.

“This initiative also fulfills our role in coordinating with the federal government to advance in green neo-industrialization and position Brazil as a global reference in energy transition,” adds Ugarte.

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