ABS continues to expand and strengthen its position in the wind energy industry

After a year of being affected by the special circumstances of the sanitary emergency state, ABS increased its technical capabilities as well as its business perspective into the WIND sector, through a collaboration agreement with the Finish company MOVENTAS.

MOVENTAS, a leading wind turbine gearbox manufacturer, has an extensive technical service network in Europe, North America, and Pacific Asia. Through this agreement, ABS became the strategic collaborator of MOVENTAS which will give training and certify its employees, incorporating them to ABS as a part of its international technical service network.

This operation is for ABS a recognition of the good job carried out by its engineers and quality control systems and it enables the company to consolidate not only its presence but also its business lines. In the same way, it has made ABS a preferred partner of the Ibero-American scope.

For Alejandro Pardinas, CEO of ABS, “This is a very important milestone for our organization and we consider it one of the most strategic agreements we have had the opportunity to close in our 21 years of activity.”

From 2021, ABS will begin to develop, for the equipment and components of MOVENTAS, inspections, preventive maintenance and integral correctives, specific formation and the commercialization of components and spare parts.

Without a doubt, a further step in the growth of ABS, which confirms its presence in the renewable energies sector in tune with its culture regarding the environment and compromise with the achievement of the United Nation´s objectives of sustainable development.

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